Round 8: Motocross of Marion County
Reddick, FL, June 1, 2003
Story and Photos by Craig Johnson
     The Annual MDA race took place at Motocross of Marion County running in conjunction with the Florida Motocross Series. The racers and motorcycle companies were as generous as always donating product to auction off with all the proceeds going to the MDA. Along with the silent auction and 50/50 raffle the real auction took place were people bid against one another for trips such as Sea World, Silver Springs, Wet-n-Wild, and Sun Cruise Casinos to name a few. Helmets were auctioned off along with the big ticket items from the professional riders that were donated. Some of the items were jerseys, pants, and chest protectors from Mike Brown, Tim Ferry, Bubba Stewart, and Ricky Carmichael. The biggest item to bid for was Carmichael's jersey finally going for $680.00 after many people put in bids. Everyone had a fun time with the auction and knew the proceeds were going to a wonderful cause. The final total on the day was $5,523.00 bring the 12 year total to almost $75,000.00. Thanks to everyone that donated. Now to the racing action.
     The Yamaha rider of Jake Donley closed in on points, not dollars, on his closest rival for the 125C points lead. By the end of the day, Donley closed to within ten points of the leader. After moving up to third in moto one, Donley put it all together in the second moto to take the win and overall on the day.
     In the first moto, Trey Ridgeway took the lead and pulled out to around four seconds at the end. The battle was for second place. Wesley Caudill and Brandon Buckingham were going back and forth until Donley joined in on the action. Donley moved up from as far back as sixth. Buckingham was now in second, as Donley moved around Caudill for third. Donley made a bid for second but just could not make a pass as the checkers came out. Jimmy Warren and Sean Ridgeway both passed Caudill in the final stages for fourth and fifth.
     Trey Ridgeway holeshot the second moto ahead of Buckingham, Caudill, and Donley. Ridgeway seemed to have the moto in hand slowly inching away from the rest of the pack. Then disaster struck, as Ridgeway fell around the halfway mark. Motoring by were Buckingham and Donley, who had passed Caudill. It all came down to the last straight of who was going to win the moto. Donley charged out of the off-camber and left the gas on a little longer to take the lead away before the last corner. Buckingham finished second, as points leader Warren battled back up to third. Troy Synder came up to finish fourth over Sean Ridgeway.
     In the 125 Beginner first moto, David Mejia led followed by Reese Wacker, Bryan Kalb, Anthony Lodato, and Nick Doyle. Jacob Priest started sixth and soon moved into third challlenging Wacker for second. Priest passed at the off-camber and set his sights on Mejia. With a couple of laps to go Priest moved into the lead pulling out to about four seconds in the end. Mejia kept second, as John McConnell moved from out of the top ten to finish third. Johnny Mejia came up to pass Wacker on the last lap for fourth.
     McConnell jumped out to the lead in moto two. Kiko Carvel was second with Priest third. The top three pulled out with Priest moving into second. Priest challenged for the lead and took over part way through the moto after the large table-top. McConnell did not give up and re-passed on the last lap to take a close win over Priest. Carvel kept third, as Johnnie Mejia and Doyle passed Wacker to round out the top five.
     The fastest mini rider on the day was Ricky Renner. This Yamaha pilot took four moto wins to take the 85 (12-13) and Super Mini classes. In the first moto of the (12-13) class the (14-15) riders took off first. Larry Partin led the (14-15) riders followed by Joe Lafalce and Gary Cavanagh. These three pulled out but Renner was quickly moving through the pack leading the (12-13) riders. First of all, though, Renner had to get by Lucas Crespi in his class. Renner got passed Lafalce and Cavanagh to run second on the track, but time ran out as Partin barely took the moto win. Lafalce finished next followed closely by Crespi. Shawn Weech was running next until Max Rash and Jimmy Page went by. Cavanagh wound up third in the (14-15) class.
     In moto two, Partin led the first wave. Renner was stuck in third in his class. Renner quickly diposed of Crespi and Weech and set out after the older riders. By the halfway flag Renner was fourth on the track and closing fast on Lafalce and Cavanagh, who had switched places earlier in the moto. Renner passed both and caught Partin on the last lap. Renner made the pass with ease to take the moto win over Partin. Lafalce held off a charging Crespi at the checkered flag for third on the track. Weech and Rash had a last lap battle going on with a little bumping going on into the last corner. Rash took the spot for fifth on the track, as Weech fell and recovered not losing another postion.
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51cc oil (stk): 1. Tristan Hyde Yam 2. Tyler Oliver Cob 3. Zachary Sanders Ktm 4. Cory Smith Yam 5. Rowdy Driggers Hon
51cc stock (4-6): 1. Tyler Oliver Cob 2. Garrett Skipper Ktm 3. Christopher Salter Lem 4. Kylie Fasnacht Hus
51cc stock (7-9): 1. Hector Jr Roman Pol 2. Joshua Hyde Cob 3. James Caudle Ktm 4. Ryan Baker Pol 5. Cameron Fasnacht Cob
51cc open (4-9): 1. Hector Jr Roman Pol 2. Joshua Hyde Cob 3. Cameron Fasnacht Cob 4. Bradley Castonguay Cob 5. Brinsley Dyess Ktm
65cc Beg: 1. Nathan Beauregard Suz 2. Darin Walker Suz 3. Hector Jr Roman Pol 4. Ryan Baker Pol 5. Joshua Hyde Cob
65cc (7-9): 1. Cody Smith Ktm 2. Tj Pence Kaw 3. Clifford Sanders Ktm 4. Jonathan Parker Ktm 5. Hunter Harbin Kaw
65cc (10-11): 1. Carl Glisan Ktm 2. Kyle Combee Kaw 3. Alex Spade Suz 4. George Warren Ktm
65cc Open (7-11): 1. Cody Smith Ktm 2. Clifford Sanders Ktm 3. Darin Walker Suz 4. Hunter Harbin Kaw
85cc Beg: 1. Anthony Carreiro Yam 2. Chappy Herwick Yam 3. Alex Spade Suz 4. Zach Spagnuolo Suz 5. Nathan Beauregard Suz
85cc (7-11): 1. Jesse Freeman Suz 2. Kenneth C Jr Hill Yam 3. Robby Renner Yam 4. Mikey Desane Yam 5. Kyle Combee Kaw
85cc (12-13): 1. Ricky Renner Yam 2. Lucas Crespi Suz 3. Max Rash Suz 4. Shawn Weech Suz 5. Jimmy Page Suz
85cc (14-15): 1. Larry Partin Jr. Suz 2. Joe Lafalce Suz 3. Gary Cavanagh Kaw 4. Paul Ayers Kaw 5. Cameron Doyle Yam
Super Mini (10-15): 1. Ricky Renner Yam 2. Lucas Crespi Suz 3. Jesse Freeman Suz 4. Shawn Weech Suz 5. Max Rash Suz
Youth (12-15)/Big Wheel 12-15: 1. Dean Dyess Iii Suz 2. Simon Usuga Hon 3. Jake Donley Yam 4. Camden Cruz Kaw 5. Ricky Renner Yam
Youth (16-24) 125-Open: 1. Joshua Hildebrand Kaw 2. Shawn Pettit Yam 3. Matthew Pedrero Kaw 4. Cody Walker Suz 5. Brad Garritson Kaw
125cc Beg: 1. Jacob Priest Suz 2. John Mcconnell Hon 3. Johnny Mejia Yam 4. Kiko Carval Yam 5. David Mejia Yam
125cc C: 1. Jake Donley Yam 2. Brandon Buckingham Yam 3. Jimmy Warren Kaw 4. Sean Ridgeway Yam 5. Trey Ridgeway Yam
125cc B: 1. Dean Dyess Iii Suz 2. Dale Kump Yam 3. Joshua Hildebrand Kaw 4. Simon Usuga Hon 5. Matthew Pedrero Kaw
125cc A: 1. Ashley Jones Suz
250/500cc Beg: 1. Tim Baker Hon 2. Ronnie Speciale Hon 3. Scott Barrett Hon
250/500cc C: 1. Brandon Buckingham Yam 2. Travis Norvell Suz 3. Brad Garritson Kaw 4. Brett Garavalia Yam 5. Tracy Shepard Hon
250/500cc B: 1. Steve Dumond Suz 2. Dale Kump Yam 3. Casey Gulick Yam 4. Bradley Bernier Yam 5. Joshua Hildebrand Kaw
Open Money (125/250/500): 1. John Black Kaw 2. Jarrett Tipping Suz 3. Jason Dodds Suz
Four Stroke: 1. Travis Norvell Suz 2. Jamie Metevier Hon 3. Shawn Pettit Yam
+25: 1. John Black Kaw 2. Jason Dodds Suz 3. Marcus Pedrero Kaw 4. Steve Dumond Suz
+30: 1. Steve Dumond Suz 2. Craig Johnson Yam 3. Garrett Giambra Yam 4. Jamie Metevier Hon 5. Mike Mezie Hon
+35: 1. Tony Gallardy Hon 2. Kent Ross Hon 3. Craig Johnson Yam 4. Craig Allen Yam 5. Mike Mezie Hon
+40: 1. Jim Badgett Ktm 2. Tony Gallardy Hon 3. Brett Garavalia Yam 4. Kevin Wilson Hon 5. Pete Zarcone Suz
+45: 1. Kevin Wilson Hon 2. Pete Zarcone Suz 3. Guenter Sommer Yam 4. Raymond Campanile Yam 5. Frank Helms Yam
Women: 1. Ashley Jones Suz
Quad A: 1. Matt Blommel Hon 2. Clay Blommell Hon 3. Dale Spears Yam
Quad B: 1. Kyle Spears Hon 2. Robby Badgett Hon
Quad C: 1. Josh Michael Hon

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