13th Annual MDA Auction
Florida Motocross Series - Round 9
Motocross of Marion County

Oelerich and MDA Go All Out


The 13th Annual MDA Auction went all out and was another huge success. Over $5700 was raised on the day bringing the thirteen year total to over $75,000. A silent auction was done thru the morning and early afternoon. Anything from day trips to motocross gear to parts were bid on. The big sound auction was done at intermission. Long weekend getaways were given away, plus the most sought after items were the autographed jerseys from some big pro riders. The big money winner of the day was a trip that went for over $800. Pro riders that donated autographed jerseys were Tim Ferry, Travis Pastrana, Bubba Stewart, Davi Millsaps, Jason Thomas, Troy Adams, and Paul Perebinjos. Pastrana's Jersey took top honors bringing in $350. Thanks to all the major and local sponsors for stepping up to the plate with all the donations and the riders and their families for biding on those items.

       The racing actions' major sponsor was Dunlop giving away a tire to all the class winners. The rider that made out with three tires and almost four was long time Florida rider Keith Oelerich. The Yamaha rider swept the Over 25, 35, and 40 classes. Sam Allen and Mike Mezie swapped overall spots in the Over 35 and 40 classes to finish behind Oelerich. The class that Oelerich did not win was the Over 30. Travis Blackburn came from behind to take the win away.

       The fastest rider on the day was Paul Perebijnos, taking time away from the Nationals. Perebijnos walked away with two wins, taking all four motos, in the Open Money and 16-24 classes. Billy Brighton and Mike Brillinger each took and second and third in the Money class, but it was Brillinger taking the important runner-up spot the second moto to get second overall. Brighton took a 3-2 tally to get second overall  in the 16-24 class.

       Another fast rider took double moto wins in the 250/500B and 4-Stroke classes. Cole Studstill had some good competition in the B class fighting off Kyle Levalley each time. In the 4-Stroke class, Ryan Warren tried to keep tabs on Studstill for second both motos. Anthony Pinto beat out Nicholas Mackie in the second moto to take the last podium position.

       The rider to watch out for in the future is the fast Kawasaki rider of Adam Cianciarulo. Just coming off the 50cc machines last year, this rider has caught on fast to the 65cc bikes. At the age of seven, Cianciarulo swept both motos of the 65 (7-9) class. Clifford Sanders and Ryan Pappas were a distant second and third the first moto. Pappas out dueled Sanders the second moto to take second overall.

       Cianciarulo went out in the 65 Open (7-11) class and did the same against the older riders. Sanders took control for second both times. Hunter Harbin got third each moto ahead of Pappas. 


50 OIL STK: 1. Wesley Langford (Yam); 2. Jeremiah Cole (Yam); 3. Alec Lopez (Yam); 4. Dillon Guttridge (Yam); 5. Kylie Fasnacht (Yam).
50 STK (4-6): 1. Austin Winslow (KTM); 2. Matthew Patten (Cob); 3. Kylie Fasnacht (Cob); 4. Travis Cox (KTM); 5. Jeremiah Cole (Cob).
50 STK (7-9): 1. Nicky Lieske (KTM); 2. Corey Balko (KTM); 3. Eddie Agrais (KTM); 4. Cameron Fasnacht (Cob); 5. Brandon Schoengrund (KTM).
50 OPEN (4-9): 1. Corey Balko (KTM); 2. Nicky Lieske (KTM); 3. Brandon Schoengrund (KTM); 4. Eddie Agrais (KTM); 5. Zachary Sanders (KTM).
65 BEG: 1. Cody Warner (Kaw); 2. Cj Ruggero (KTM); 3. Glen Theobald (Suz); 4. Erick Knowles (Kaw); 5. Caleb Fernandez (Kaw).
65 (7-9): 1. Adam Cianciarulo (Kaw); 2. Ryan Pappas (Kaw); 3. Clifford Sanders (KTM); 4. Justin Morgan (Suz); 5. Austin Cole (Suz).
65 (10-11): 1. Alex Spade (KTM); 2. Hunter Harbin (Kaw); 3. Nick Schaaf (KTM); 4. Michael Dreisbach (Kaw); 5. Jonathon Lindback (KTM).
65 OPEN (7-11): 1. Adam Cianciarulo (Kaw); 2. Clifford Sanders (KTM); 3. Hunter Harbin (Kaw); 4. Ryan Pappas (Kaw); 5. Nick Schaaf (KTM).
85 BEG: 1. John Sardina (Suz); 2. Zachary Liberto (Yam); 3. Tyler Reiter (Suz); 4. Austin Morton (Suz); 5. Brian Lindback (Yam).
85 (7-11): 1. Robby Huss (Yam); 2. Damon Walker (Yam); 3. Alex Spade (KTM); 4. Eddie Clark (Kaw); 5. Sean Kimpel (Suz).
85 (12-13): 1. Alvin Lopez (Suz); 2. Robby Renner (Yam); 3. Chris McBride (Kaw); 4. Addison Morgan (Suz); 5. Frank Charamut (Suz).
85 (14-15): 1. Jon Cone Jr (Yam); 2. Chappy Herwick (Yam); 3. Travis Bikowicz (Kaw); 4. Ryan Yunck (Yam); 5. Corey Woodard (Yam).
S/MINI: 1. Shawn Weech (Suz); 2. Alvin Lopez (Suz); 3. Damon Walker (Yam); 4. Robby Renner (Yam); 5. Robby Huss (Yam).
125 YTH (12-15): 1. Ryan Martin (Kaw); 2. Tj Tiffany (Yam); 3. Ryan Vold (Kaw); 4. Jimmy Page (Suz); 5. Chas Benesh (Yam).
125 A: 1. Francis Lumpkins (Yam); 2. Stefy Bau (Hon).
125 B: 1. Ryan Warren (Kaw); 2. Ryan Martin (Kaw); 3. Jimmy Warren (Kaw); 4. Nicholas Mackie (Kaw); 5. Tj Tiffany (Yam).
125 C: 1. Chas Benesh (Yam); 2. Sean Ridgeway (Yam); 3. Cameron Doyle (Yam); 4. Jimmy Page (Suz); 5. Dalton Guttridge (Suz).
125 D: 1. Michael Griffeth (KTM); 2. Nick Mezie (Suz); 3. Kyle Woodard (Yam); 4. Tyler Ross (Hon); 5. Mark McLaughlin (Suz).
250/500 A: 1. Mike Brillinger (Hon); 2. Chris Kasavage (Hon).
250/500 C: 1. Jacob Priest (Hon); 2. Jamie Metevier (Hon); 3. Michael Shepard (Hon); 4. Ronnie Speciale (Hon); 5. William Sharff (Suz).
250/500 B: 1. Cole Studstill (Yam); 2. Kyle Levalley (Suz); 3. Philip Hewett (Hon); 4. Kyle Douglas (Yam); 5. Dane White (Hon).
250/500 D: 1. Christopher Oelerich (Hon).
OPEN MNY: 1. Paul Perebijnos (Yam); 2. Mike Brillinger (Hon); 3. Billy Brighton (Yam); 4. Stefy Bau (Hon); 5. Chris Kasavage (Hon).
WMN: 1. Dyanna Conner (Hon); 2. Cassie Hale (Yam); 3. Hailey Reichert (Yam); 4. Beth Rewis (Suz); 5. Bridget Prevatte (Yam).
16-24: 1. Paul Perebijnos (Yam); 2. Billy Brighton (Yam); 3. Josh Spires (Kaw); 4. Ian Hewett (Yam); 5. Shawn Gann (Yam).
25+: 1. Keith Oelerich (Yam); 2. Jim Prevatte (Yam); 3. Dan Zullo (Yam); 4. Francis Lumpkins (Yam); 5. Stefy Bau (Hon).
30+: 1. Travis Blackburn (Hon); 2. Keith Oelerich (Yam); 3. Jamie Metevier (Hon); 4. Craig Allen (Yam); 5. Curtis Johnson (Yam).
35+: 1. Keith Oelerich (Yam); 2. Sam Allen (Yam); 3. Mike Mezie (Hon); 4. Craig Allen (Yam); 5. Steve Rejda (Yam).
40+: 1. Keith Oelerich (Yam); 2. Mike Mezie (Hon); 3. Sam Allen (Yam); 4. Steve Rejda (Yam); 5. Jim Edgar (Yam).
45+: 1. Randy Kelley (Hon); 2. Pete Zarcone (Suz); 3. Douglas Miner (Yam).
4-STRK: 1. Cole Studstill (Yam); 2. Ryan Warren (Kaw); 3. Anthony Pinto (Yam); 4. Nicholas Mackie (Kaw); 5. Chase Abood (Yam).
QUADS: 1. Devin Heimes (Hon); 2. Kevin Kerrn (Yam); 3. Karl Goin (Yam); 4. Pat Wysocki (Hon); 5. Charles Burke (Yam).

1. Keith Oelerich (58) was the big winner on the day, along with the MDA, taking three class wins at round 9 of the Florida Motocross Series.
2. Cole Studstill (118) grabs the first moto holeshot in the combined 250/500B and Plus 25 moto.
3. Shawn Weech (724) grabs the holeshot in the second Super Mini start and goes to take both motos for the overall.
4. Jimmy Page (31) and Dean Dyess (733) fight for the first moto holeshot in the Youth 12-15 class.
5. This turned out to be the battle for the overall in the first moto between Wesley Langford (1) and Alec Lopez (823) for second in the first moto of the 50 Oil class.
6. Chas Benesh (75) won the 125C class with two moto wins and turned in a respectable fifth overall in the 125 Youth.
7. This is the fast little speedster of Adam Cianciarulo (92) winning the 65(7-9) and 65 Open Classes.
8. Paul Perebijnos (511) showed the fast way around the track winning the open Money and 16-24 classes.
9. Shawn Weech (724) was the fast mini rider on the day but a DNF in the second 85(14-15) moto took away from his perfect day.
10. Cole Studstill (118) also took top honors in the 4-Stroke class with two moto wins.











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